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Prokaryotic Expression System

Prokaryotic expression is a technology to insert a target gene into proper vector, and then transform the recombinant vector into Escherichia coli to induce it to express target protein. Its advantages lie in rapid growth of Escherichia coli, easy operation, low cost and high-density culture. In addition, host bacteria have a clear genetic background and can be modified according to different purposes. It is compatible with many kinds of expression vector. Therefore, it has become an important system of recombinant protein expression. 
Our engineering team has profound experiences, including codon optimization, expression vector designing and construction, and integration targets and tag selection etc.  Various heterologous proteins have been successfully established in our prokaryotic expression system, with high yield, high purity and high stability as well.

Eukaryotic Expression System

Baculovirus expression system (BEVS) is an efficient eukaryotic cell expression system to recombine target gene into baculovirus expression vector via transposons, transfect insect cell and amplify and express recombinant protein in insect cell. Compared to prokaryotic expression system, it has enzyme system necessary for protein post-translational modification of eucaryon protein which can effectively carry out protein post-translation processing, including transfer, secretion, glycosylation and fatty acylation. Therefore, bioactivity such as antigenicity and enzyme activity of expression product is very close to natural protein, especially suitable for research of protein structure and function.

Protein Purification System

Many methods for purification and separation of expression or natural proteins have been established. These methods include gel filtration chromatography, ion-exchange column chromatography etc., based on GE Healthcare AKTA system. A high purity and high yield of target proteins can be expected with our proficient engineers.

Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibody Customization Center

We can also provide a service for antibody preparation and modification of both monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. Various modifications such as conjugations of antibodies with HRP, AP, colloid gold and biotin-avidin, have been established in our company, which can be exploited as key components in many immunological detection kits.

ELISA Products Line

ELISA test is one of the most widely used immunoassay methods at present. Compared to other immunological methods, it has advantage of high sensibility and specificity, easy operation, reliable repeatability. ELISA is especially suitable for veterinarian department and labs for monitor and screening of infectious diseases.

Colloid Gold Immunochromatographic Products Line

In 1971, Faulk and Taytor introduced colloid gold into immunochemistry. Since then, immune colloid gold technology has become a novel immunology method widely used in clinic diagnosis and rapid screening of diseases. Featured by convenience, high specificity and sensitivity, high speed and low cost, this assay has been widely used in clinic and labs.

PCR/Real-time PCR Products Line

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), known as gene amplification in vitro, is a new molecular biological technique developed in the mid-1980s. Compared to traditional nucleic acids detections, PCR has high sensibility for target gene detection. It has been utilized as a powerful tool for detection of various pathogens such as virus, bacteria, parasites etc. More important, Real-time PCR with outstanding features of high sensitivity, specificity and time-saving, has been established and widely used in recent years. At present, our company can provide a series of reliable PCR products based on both conventional PCR and Real-time PCR.

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